Beach Epiphany
"This chronicle of everyday life that passes through leisure, humor, consumption, artificiality, the paradox of relationships, among many other things, seems to reveal in a more sincere way some intrinsic aspects of human nature. "
"In a frenetic rhythm, the energy is contagious, the sweat is shared and emotions are converted into gestures, touches, kisses and lots of movement. Sobriety and moderation are left out."
"The jail, its motto, rules and intimacy are manifested through the emptiness. Contrary to the basic connotation of overcrowding, the absence of the human figure in photographs symbolizes only a corporeal absence, figurative, since the vestiges of those individuals, are squeezed and manifested themselves in other ways."
Ô Culpa
"Ô Culpa comes from conceptual ambiguity in contrast to a sound affinity that exists at the core of the word guilt and the verb occupy - or occupation – (in Portuguese), dealing with a social issue that is a fundamental right. "