In the pulse of the heart
This uninterrupted flow

Flesh of flesh
Circumvent desires
Free my dreams
Fill me with kisses

Tell me
That it is ok to sing
Shout out loud, scream
For me to love you

Come like this dreaming and that's it
without much pretense
Knowing that I want it now
Leaving the future in vain

Call me again
To have no end
I want your touch
Your smell on me

Dance of the mad
Who is sane does not enter
All these people
Come, try it

Give me a wish
Enchants like this
Do wrong with me
Flow into me
All is here
Just like flowers
Dancing all is possible
without values

I want the limit and I don't care
If I can only sing
I don't need anything
Without your gaze

I'm diving
Like a spinning top
I bring Exu with me
I dreamed of this girl

I want to spin
Not knowing about nonsense
Here I'm not, neither are you
All, just images

Open body
Repressed hope
Disengagement, a kiss
Without appointment

I already lost sobriety
I left it in the back seat
I don't know whose
But it satisfies

All colors
I already shared
In violet
I know someone

Masks bring truths
Do not hide miracles
You are what you choose
It is true

Paint and glitter
I lie on the floor
Pinga and confetti
Loves in vain

I jump without fear
Here and there
I cry all year
So, I will laugh

From the honey of your mouth
I take a sip
I fall in love, feel the bitter
Conceal it and run

I am Carnival
I sing an endless life
Samba this dream
As if for me

-------- Rodrigo Koraicho

Can São Paulo be considered the home or the tomb of Carnival? Or can it be both? For a long time, the city, so used to its chaotic daily life, usually saw itself transformed into a peaceful and desert landscape with the arrival of Carnival. Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Recife and Minas Gerais have always been some of the main destinations that Brazilians and foreigners seek for this party that enchants everyone.

However, this scenario is changing considerably. The growing popularity of the street block parties has reawakened the city and turned its carnival into one of the biggest street festivities in the world. Each year the city hall registers a notable increase of attendance. In the years that preceded the pandemic, the figures exceeded 10 million revelers following the carnival block parties throughout the streets of the city. And it is in the streets that the real carnival happens. It was born there, and remains radiant to this day. It's where everything happens and where everything blends, everything indeed.

In this chaotic and euphoric environment, ruled by Dionysus, the motto is to be free and pleasure is a must. In a frenetic rhythm, the energy is contagious, the sweat is shared and emotions are converted into gestures, touches, kisses and lots of movement. Sobriety and moderation are left out. Socioeconomic differences are covered in glitter, paint and confetti, camouflaging the anxieties of a political conjuncture in crisis and decadence.

At Carnival, dysrhythmia becomes such a striking break in rhythm. An intense oscillation of the heart rate that sometimes enjoys the climax of exaltation, and sometimes suffers in disturbance and disillusionment in the reveries of the melancholy streets of the concrete metropolis.

In a symbolic universe so rich in meanings, the profusion of sounds, colors and details creates a poetic contagious melody. The images invite you to approach and participate in this party, touch these bodies and listen to this melody.

A carnival that reveals traces and aspects intrinsic to the residents of São Paulo, whose soul is composed of an entire country. A soul that forgets the gray of concrete, asphalt and drizzle, shines radiantly. The soul that sings, enchants, dances, samba and fantasizes.

Faced with the ecstasy and incorporated by the rhythm of the interactions that take place between the carnivalized bodies and the body of the camera, result in these ecstatic images that vibrate intensely and make these encounters the essence of their existence.